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Hello, I'm Isadora

Are you ready to use your own inner coordinates to navigate your life, your way? 

I can help! Using Scientific Hand Analysis and my own spiritual teacher life purpose, we'll explore your soul markings map and discover where your soul intended to go this lifetime. 

You are one of a kind. Your fingerprints prove it! And at the same time, our connection to all other humans, and the planet is shown in the very existence of these markings that are etched into our hands before we are born.

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Soul Markings

Five months before you were born, a pattern appeared on your fingers, etched into your skin.

Arches and loops and whorls, containing messages from spirit, like the undulating imprints left by waves caressing the beach.

Discover the message in the soul markings etched into your fingers as we explore your unique treasures and connect to the oneness of all spirit in this human experience.


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Hand Analysis Reveals the Soul Map in Your Hands

This practice of hand analysis is ancient in origins, and state of the art for learning your life purpose.

There's no fortune telling here. This is truth telling.

It’s about exploring your inner wisdom, going deep within, to your soul's intentions, and connecting with your essence to help you live your most meaningful, and satisfying life.


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