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Hello, I'm Isadora

Are you ready to use your own inner coordinates to navigate your life, your way? 

Using Scientific Hand Analysis and my own spiritual teacher life purpose, we'll explore your soul markings map and discover where your soul intended to go this lifetime. 

You are one of a kind. Your fingerprints prove it! And at the same time, our connection to all other humans, and the planet is shown in the very existence of these markings that are etched into our hands before we are born.

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Soul Markings

Five months before you were born, a pattern appeared on your fingers, etched into your skin.

Arches and loops and whorls, containing messages from spirit, like the undulating imprints left by waves caressing the beach.

Discover the message in the soul markings etched into your fingers as we explore your unique treasures and connect to the oneness of all spirit in this human experience.

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Reveal the Secrets of Your Soul

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Until now, the only reading I've had that held any meaning for me was an astrological chart.  However, after Isadora's hand print analysis, I am truly a believer in her talent for interpretation.  Not only did she describe my life's purpose with accuracy, but her intuitive insights of my life's lessons was remarkable.  She was able to bring clarity to some of the questions I have long held about what I am supposed to be learning in this lifetime.  So many things were revealed and her reading renewed goals I had long ago forgotten.  Isadora impressed me with a very in-depth, professional reading.  I would highly recommend a hand print analysis by Isadora.  It will open your eyes to a new direction in your life.—-DJ Jorgenson


Most importantly I now feel validated about my perception of myself and why I think the way I do. My reading was interesting and thought provoking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.—-Jill Erlandson


I love Isadora's approach and her energy. Our session was so powerful and she gave me some great insights into my life purpose. She reminded me about certain things and how truly important it is to express myself on all levels. I'm extremely grateful for her work and the passion she radiates.

—-Maya Novak, Injury Recovery Expert

You Have a Soul Map in Your Hands


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